Loving Cup: The New #1 Fro-Yo Jam

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s no lie that Will and I are total ice cream fanatics. The evidence: 1) we averaged 2.5 visits per week to Yumi-licious in Dallas, 2) we forgoed romantic restaurant dessert and ended our 1-year anniversary dinner at (where else) Yumi-licious, and 3) during the height of our wedding season this past weekend pretty sure I said in lieu of a wedding cake I’d want a make-your-own-sundae bar.

Since I’ve moved to San Francisco, we’ve been on the hunt to find a suitable replacement for Yumi-licious, attempting to try a new place each time Will comes to visit. To date we’d had okay results, nothing to write home about. I had bought my first Google Offer (just launched in Dallas!) for a new ice cream store called Loving Cup, which we tried last week. And it’s now our #1 jam.

Loving Cup specializes in rice pudding and made to order hand-churned frozen yogurt made with cultured non-fat milk and other natural ingredients. I had never tried rice pudding before, but did sample one of their seasonal flavors (pumpkin spice) and I had to say it was really good, especially if you are an oatmeal lover because the consistency is very similar (which I am). But the frozen yogurt was the biggest hit and surprise. You pick your base and then add however many mixes you’d like (fruit, cookies, or filling like Nutella and peanut butter), and then before your very eyes they hand churn and freeze together the ingredients within a very snazzy machine, then re-serve the custom blend into a pretty presentation twist. Our flavor mixes and reactions are below:

Morgan: a blueberry + vanilla wafer cookie mix – the results were really good with the blueberry, but the crumbly cookie made for a weird consistency, probably better served as a topping than a mix-in.

Will: a banana + peanut butter mix, a nod to Elvis Presley if you will – the results were a-mazing, super smooth texture from the peanut butter, and a super yummy flavor. We may have both dreamed about this since – Will wins.

We will most definitely become regulars at Loving Cup, Google Offer in hand or not. I highly recommend for a weeknight treat or for a low key weekend evening of delicious dessert and people watching on Union Street.

Visit the Loving Cup website at LovingCupSF.com / Read Loving Cup reviews on Yelp!

Photo Credits: FoodSpotting.com, Flickr c/o Slowpoke_Taiwan


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